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We create the right environment so that the candidates can have a pleasant experience inside of Austria or any other country belonging to the EU.

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We offer jobs that satisfy the expectation of our employers. We are always preoccupied with their health and well being.

We are creating a right environment so the candidates can have a pleasant experience inside of Austria or any other countries belonging to EU.


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We choose only serious and motivated candidates that can focus on the job.

We are primarly interested in making sure that our clients are fully satisfied and that they are always reaching out for us!

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We identify competitive taxes and comissions for the intermediation services of the work force.


We are specialized in organizing qualified personnel in diverse activity branches.

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In just a few days the employee can start working at the new job.


“Sunt foarte multumit de colaborarea cu Jobera. Servicii ireprosabile,personal amabil si serios.Consider ca am facut cea mai buna alegere!”

Mihai Popescu

“O echipa minunata si profesionista. M-au sustinut si ajutat in orice problema. Intotdeauna au fost corecti. Multumesc si va doresc mult succes!””

Mimi Parvulescu

“Agenția Jobera are oferte de lucru foarte bune. Este o agenție serioasă si aș recomanda-o cu siguranță fiecăruia”

Costel Gherbe

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